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Private 36 Hour PCR Covid-19 PCR Test and Fit-to-Fly Certificate for £149
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If you need a private Covid-19 PCR test and Fit-to-Fly certificate for a flight within 96-72 hours from now click HERE. (Cost: £149)
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Dejure Ltd
We are a small group of Independent NHS Community Pharmacies serving the people in Croydon, Crawley and Twickenham.
Dejure Ltd

Welcome to Dejure Ltd

Dejure Ltd is a family owned company that operates independent pharmacies across South London and South East England. We have been providing NHS services continuously since 1996.

Our pharmacies are at the heart of the communities we serve. We firmly believe that to serve our patients to a high standard requires constant commitment and an unfaltering professional attitude to their healthcare needs.

Our experienced professional pharmacists, and their team of dispensing technicians, assistants and medicine counter assistants, are specifically trained to treat patients and customers as individuals.

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Rapid Covid-19 Testing

Fit to Fly Certificate Included (Also Suitable for Fit to Work)

About to fly abroad? Unable to go to work or school?

Get tested for Covid-19 and receive your fit to fly certificate. Travel without disruption, go back to work, or take your child back to school or nursery by showing that you tested negative for Covid-19.

Medicspot offers fast and reliable Covid-19 testing delivered to your door with next-day priority delivery. Click here to order your rapid Covid-19 PCR test. Perform your swab at home, return it in the pre-paid envelope and receive your results and fit to fly certificate within 48 hours.

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